Ryan Sherwood for Alamogordo School Board
Building a Better Future for Our Kids


Experienced Leadership

I am a candidate for the Alamogordo School Board representing District 3. My family and I have been a part of this community since 2009 and consider Alamogordo a great place to live and a great place to raise kids. All of our children have attended school in this community and that is one reason we decided to retire here. It is also why I have taken such a strong interest in our educational system. I am aware that in recent years our school district has faced multiple challenges that at times have put a strain on resources, teachers, facilites and students. As a school board member, I intend to use my extensive leadership experience to ensure that the interests of our children are put first and foremost. I believe that we must continue to RAISE THE BAR on our education system. Our kids deserve nothing less.   

     As a retired Air Force Colonel of 25 years, I will put the same drive and determination into this position that I did in my Air Force career. I was an instructor for over half of my time in the military and I also come from a family of educatiors. My parents, aunts and wife were all teachers and I know first hand how valuable their contrubutions have been to their communities.  Good teachers can change the world!

     I intend to address the needs of our students in Alamogordo through servant leadership.  I will do this by building relationships, by listening and encouraging others and by holding the school board, superintendent, and myself accountable for our actions. I look forward to addressing the educational challenges within our community and giving our kids the very best opportunities to succeed.

  1. Raise the bar! Meet or exceed educational standards in student attendance, graduation rates, and test scores.
  2. Keep our schools safe, drug free and well maintained. Our kids should feel secure and take pride in the schools they attend.
  3. Advocate for continued competitive pay and benefits for our teachers. Institute incentive campaigns to recruit qualified and motivated teachers to Alamogordo.
  4. Ensure transparency for our Alamogordo taxpayers; citizens will know where their money is programed to be spent.
  5. Provide the tools and encouragement necessary for our kids to develop and meet their goals at all grade levels.